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Speed and Danger, an adrenalin junkies two best friends, mix that with an addiction to gambling and youíre not just losing control, youíre dying and just donít know it yet. There are only so many times that you can cheat death and bookies without sacrificing your life in the process. No one knows this better than the man known as Copperhead. Known to be a native of, or at least intimately familiar with, the Florida everglades. Copperheadís problems stemmed from his love of speedboat racing, intelligence reports venture to guess that he got his name racing high stakes races in Monaco and Japan. His talents at the helm of a high-powered speedboat seemed equal to none, unfortunately the lure of easy money got the better of him and it wasnít long before it was found out that he was placing bets on his own races.



Searching for a way to escape certain death and dismemberment, at the hands of numerous criminal organizations to which he owed money, Copperhead found his way to Cobra. Having heard rumors in back alleys and the darker places that most donít travel, of a group of anarchist that protected itís elite in exchange for service, Copperhead found himself interested and with no other choice but to join. It wasnít long before his talents were recognized by Cobra Commander and was offered a chance to work hand in hand with the M.A.R.S. Corporation to design the Cobra Water Moccasin. Upon its completion he was well reward both financially and with prestige that put him on the fast track of Cobraís upper echelon. It was only at this time that Copperhead truly understood Cobraís true intentions. Having paid off his bookies, yet finding the ultimate of adrenalin rushes working for Cobra, Copperhead decided to stay on and now serves as Cobraís Naval Commander.



Copperhead is a master at the helm of any high-speed attack boat but specializing in Air propulsion craft. Copperhead is well known for his lighting fast reflexes and ability to forget all personal danger in the face of the enemy. For him itís not just loyalty to Cobra but the pure thrill that he gets from it.





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