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All nations go to war. Weather it’s over wealth, borders, religion or false pride, there will always be War and with it, a need for the most cutting edge tools of war. That’s where the Destro Clan had found its niche in history over 400 years ago. Known at one time as the premier weapons suppliers for all of Europe, the organization M.A.R.S. (Military Armaments Research Syndicate) now supplies nations worldwide. Such an organization requires a leader of superior intelligence, tactical ingenuity and a total disregard for the well being of the world around them. The Destro Family has prided itself in its ability to raise each successor of the Destro name and signature Steel Mask, with these qualities in mind from day one in order to lead and grow their family business. Currently the name of that man is James McCullen XXIV, otherwise known the world over as Destro.

Cobra’s involvement with Destro stemmed from their many purchases of weapons through the M.A.R.S. organization. As Cobra grew, so did their need for the most advanced military technology. Before long Cobra had become the highest paying and one of the most frequent purchasers from M.A.R.S. It was decided by Cobra Commander that the only way to truly insure Cobra’s cutting edge weaponry, was to literally hire Destro himself to over-see Cobra’s vast armies and their use of these weapons. The contract price was enormous, but the results became invaluable. Suddenly Cobra was able to out gun and outclass all opposition.

It was only after the United States government sanctioned the creation of the GI Joe team and granted them access to the latest technology in the US arsenal that anyone stood a chance against Cobra. This change of events failed to faze Destro, the level playing field between GI Joe and Cobra provided M.A.R.S. with profits beyond even Destro’s estimations.



Destro, seeing room for more profits, remained with Cobra and took on the role of Cobra Commanders second in command. His tactical genius and leadership abilities quickly earned him respect and loyalty among Cobra’s leaders and their troops. It was not long before The Commander had realized his mistake, Destro had won the affections of the Commanders most trusted aid, The Baroness, and secured a position within Cobra that even the Commander himself could not have him removed from. The result of Destro’s actions caused Cobra and himself to enter into a partnership that would prove more trouble than it was worth. Both Destro and the Commander were always at odds, constantly disagreeing over strategy and the advancement of Cobra. After years of dispute and deceit by both parties, it was decided that Destro should take a back seat in Cobra’s operations. To remain their chief weapons supplier, but to no longer be personally involved in Cobra’s affairs. It was the only way that both M.A.R.S. and Cobra could co-exist and continue to profit.

Without the protection of Cobra, M.A.R.S. having broken all of the unsaid rules of the Arms Trade, found itself in danger from many of it’s past clients. It was at this time that Destro formed the Iron Grenadiers to safeguard his manufacturing and distribution of weapons.

To this day Destro remains behind the scenes in Cobra and on the frontlines of his own M.A.R.S. Corporation.


An Arms dealer since adolescence, a natural born leader and tactician with contacts worldwide within every government and most intelligence agencies. Destro always has something tricky up his sleeve and a backup plan if all else fails. Just a glance of Cobra’s arsenal attests to Destro’s creative ingenuity and weapons manufacturing abilities.



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