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Living the pampered life of an American can be quite numbing. Never truly exposed to the grit and horror that exists in the world. Watching news casters covered in layers of makeup, wearing thousand dollar suits, telling you the news in an easy to swallow thirty second bit with sound bites and footage that for a brief moment might make you think… That is of course until you’re whisked away by the next story of the presidents daughter’s sweet sixteen or what Michael Jackson is doing in headlines today. Never exposed to the true suffering of a starving child after the decimation of his home or the body filled mass graves that can still be found in war torn countries across the globe. Large sums of money are paid to those that lack the moral confines within themselves that would prevent a human being from causing such horrible things to continue, one such human being is Sebastian Bludd.

Originally a member of the Australian Special Air Services where he received his initial military training, Bludd then moved on to join the French Foreign legion, where he began to network himself with others that shared his tendencies toward violent behavior. Soon he found himself offered positions within illegal private armies, willing to pay top dollar, for men of abilities. Taking pride in his work and enjoying the hunt and the kill, presented Bludd with the opportunity to create a career for himself as an international mercenary. His natural leadership abilities and daunting list of successful Ops landed him in charge time and again. Soon he adopted the title of Major as a reminder to those that his achievements warranted their respect. Through time his involvement in illegal activities and acts of terror made him famous in the world of Soldiers for hire. Wanted to this day as a criminal for war crimes in numerous countries around the world.


Major Bludd.

In the early eighties a young organization that would one day become Cobra, found itself with a small army of loyal followers and the financial funds to employ a mercenary leader and tactician, such as Major Bludd. The Major signed on immediately, seeing Cobra as his chance to obtain steady employment and protection from certain governments around the globe. Major Bludd acted as a field commander to Cobra’s armies, providing Cobra Commander with repeated victories and giving the troops a true leader to respect and follow. You’d never know he was a mercenary by the way he fights, the paycheck that he receives not only guarantees his service, but also his loyalty, a virtue seldom found in a mercenary. To this day Major Bludd still works within Cobra and continues to deliver.



A specialist in both military tactics and small arms, Bludd can often be found training along side his troops or writing poetry as a pastime. The only thing his enemies fear more that finding him leading an army against them, is to find themselves on the battlefield with Major Bludd coming toward them with a trench knife in his hand and smile across his face.


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