The Crimson Guard.

Crimson Elite

A secret society built from within Cobra to protect and serve Cobra Commander even if it means certain death. As if giving up your whole life and individual appearance out of loyalty wasn't enough, the Crimson Guard are willing to give their lives to protect the ideals of Cobra and its Commander. A high IQ and an even higher tolerance for pain are just the bare necessities for entry into the guard. Guard recruits are subjected to extensive testing, including both physical and psychological, to assure that they can perform in high stress situations and that their loyalty to the Commander is absolute. If you survive the training, you're given the chance to prove yourself in the field and maybe one day earn the honor of serving in the Commanders personal Guard.... The Immortals.

The Crimson Guard.

The Seige (CG) Crimson Guard

Each member of the Crimson Guard undergoes extremely painful plastic surgery to alter their appearance and erase their past. Any member can be removed from their undercover operation to be placed in the field where their specialties are needed. If they should fall in battle another Siege (CG Crimson Guard) can take their place in their homes and at their jobs. Most Crimson Guards are set up with single mother families, loyal to Cobra, in order to create the illusion of the perfect home. The recruited list of congressmen, senators, and high-ranking military officials goes on and on.



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Crimson Guard

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Crimson Guard Immortal

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The Crimson Guard Arsenal


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Crimson Guard

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Crimson Guard Immortal

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