Storm Shadow

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Once a master of the Arashikage ninja clan and friend of GI Joe's own Snake-eyes, Storm Shadow has returned to the Cobra organization. The trials that the Commander required him to complete in order to regain Cobra's trust were near impossible to complete and involved the capturing of Top Secret documents from the Pentagon as well as placing the blood of numerous innocents on his hands. Since the completion of these tasks Storm Shadow has been fully accepted back into the ranks of Cobra.


Trained since childhood in the ways of the Arashikage clan, he's a master of Ninjitsu capable of tremendous feats of strength and cunning. Highly skilled with all traditional weapons of the Ninja, equally skilled as an acrobat and contortionist.


Sword Brothers

Storm Shadow 1.

Equally mysterious as his past is Storm Shadow's connection to Snake-eyes of the GI Joe team. Having served together in Southeast Asia and Storm Shadow having saved Snake-eye's life during an extraction that had gone bad created a bond between the two. Storm Shadow saw much potential in Snake-eyes and after their tour had ended invited him to return to Japan to study the art of Ninjitsu under the careful supervision of the Arashikage clan. Snake-eyes however turned him down and returned home only to find that his entire immediate family had been killed in an accident. With nowhere else to go, Snake-eyes left for Japan and joined Storm Shadow in his family's home. Unfortunately during an outside attempt on Snake-eye's life, Storm Shadow's uncle, the Hard Master, was struck by an arrow and died. The assassination was blamed on Storm Shadow himself, as many felt that he had become jealous of Snake-eyes and his rapid advancement in the clan. Storm Shadow disappeared and was only seem again many years later at the side of Cobra Commander. It was thought for many years that Storm Shadow's connection to Cobra existed solely to bring the assassin of his uncle to justice. His Justice. However over the years it has become obvious the Storm Shadow blames Snake-eyes for his uncle's death and has vowed vengeance against him.










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