Tomax and Xamot

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There was a time when war was only waged in the battlefield. Where armies would amass and by using their greatest warriors and most sophisticated weapons, would hopefully win the battle. This is no longer the way of the world. Pawns are sent to fight on the battlefield, expendable resources are wasted and families lose their sons and daughters for empty causes. In today’s world the real battles are fought in the boardrooms of super corporations, in courtrooms all across the globe, and through fiber optic cables that connect the worldwide web. That is where Tomax and Xamot found their niche. At one time they served in the foreign legion, then as mercenaries serving the highest bidders in the bush wars of Africa and South America. After years of phoning their skills in both the fields of hand to hand combat and weapons, they decided to turn their focus toward the world of banking and law. Soon they discovered that true power could be found through the manipulation of the law and the proper disbursement of funds. Before long they founded their own financial corporation known as Extensive Enterprises. Specializing in Business law and Investment banking, however this was just a front for money laundering and illegal smuggling of precious gems and priceless art.


Tomax & Xamot.

It was at this time that Cobra Commander sought them out. Cobra as an organization spent and gained billions on a yearly basis mostly through dummy corporations and pyramid schemes. However a large amount of Cobra’s financial income came from sympathizers and corporations wishing to invest in the future that Cobra represented. Tomax and Xamot were brought on board as consultants to oversee both Cobras’ finances and provide the best lawyers that money could buy. The arrangement proved to be profitable and beneficial to both organizations and with time Extensive Enterprises found their plates full with work primarily from Cobra.

With time the Commander decided to create a new faction of Cobra, dedicated to the world of Politics, Business and Law. The Crimson Guard was born. A small army of Cobra’s elite soldiers, trained to assume false identities and take positions of respect and power around the nations of the world. Who better to oversee and command these soldiers than Tomax and Xamot.


Identical twins from birth, the only distinguishing mark being a scar on Xamot’s face. Known to complete each other’s sentences and sense each other’s pain. At first many see this as some kind of sixth sense, but the truth is that they have spent their lives perfecting the act in order to instill fear in their opponents both on the battlefield and in the boardroom. Highly trained in hand to hand combat and acrobatics. Described as completely fearless, adrenaline junkies by Cobra’s rank and file for their death defying stunts and seemingly suicidal tendencies.







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