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Night Assault Trooper:


Culled from the best of the best among the ranks of Cobra's Night Watch forces the Night Viper serves as a fully functional night assault trooper with access to the best technology and subject to the highest levels of training, making the Night Viper Corps the most revered of Cobra's specialized forces.




The Helmet of a Night Viper is a miracle of electronic-miniaturization. Aside from its wide angle, third generation, image-intensifier, directional sound amplifier and laser range finder, the helmet boasts a passive infrared / thermal enhancer with 12x optical zoom that can spot body heat at up to 300 yards. Their uniforms are made of a synthetic composite that masks the wearer's own body heat signature allowing the Night Viper to see all yet be invisible to their enemies.


Night Vipers are armed with a wide array of weapons to complete the job at hand, although the signature weapon of the Night Viper Corps is a medium range rifle / grenade launcher combo with scope.


Night Vipers are seldom wasted on the battlefield and usually found either mixed in with other units to provided them with eyes and ears in the dark or stationed as sentries on the outer perimeter of a skirmish to call in enemy coordinates for artillery strike or battlefield coordination.


Night Vipers train constantly in the dark. Their regiment includes non-traditional training in the meditative arts and silent combat with edged weapons. They live in windowless barracks without interiors lights where they are constantly drilled and ask to perform all manner of tasks from the disassembly and reassembly of their rifles to disarming explosives, all in the dark. Night Vipers are hardly ever seen outside, never during the day and always with their visors down at night.



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