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December 22nd, 2000 Live CD
01 “Intro (Itsy Bitsy Spider)”
02 “Alone in Shadows”
03 “I Can’t Feel for You Anymore”
04 “Prodigal Poet”
05 “Puppet of Love”
06 “Devil’s Liar”
07 “Never Go”
08 “Fall Away”
09 “The Machine” 

Includes bonus CD single “Laura’s World” from the upcoming album.


The Machine 

(A very limited edition white cover version contains a cover of Depeche Mode�s “Never Let Me Down Again.” Guest keyboard programming by Rich McNally.
The cassette version of this contains the same tracks as the black CD except “Never Go.”)01 “Prodigal Poet”
02 “The Machine”
03 “And So He Gave Up”
04 “Never Go” (Live Rehearsal 1998)
05 “Puppet of Love
06 “Fall Away”


“Fall Away” EP 
01 “Fall Away”
02 “Fall Away” (Radio Edit)



“Alone in Shadows” 
01 “Itsy Bitsy Spider”
02 “Alone in Shadows”
03 “Can�t Feel for You Anymore”


as Incantation of Chaos
Live and Rare Tracks

(Early demos. With additional programming by Rich McNally. A cassette version contains “Devil�s Liar,” “Devil�s Liar (instrumental),” and a cover of Depeche Mode�s “My Secret Garden” but has no live tracks except “Laura�s World (Hard).”)01 “Devil’s Liar (Original)”
02 “The Machine (Dance Mix)”
03 “Secret Garden (Depeche Mode Cover)”
04 “Don’t Follow Me (Jazz Remix)”
05 “Laura’s World (I wish I could forget)”
06 “The Last Time (Rare Live Track)”
07 “Devil’s Liar (Instrumental) ”
08 “Laura’s World (Live & Hard)”


For information on how to buy these CDs,
you can contact us at [email protected]
Alone in ShadowFall Away, and The Machine
are out of print, but the others are available.